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All PJ Test Prep Classes, Tutoring and Events offer Zoom options for safe, convenient at-home preparation. But we also have many in-person opportunities!

The SAT and ACT are, by definition, standardized tests, and thus are the same every time and can be learned. Our SAT/ACT CLASSES are some of the best out there, while also remaining some of the most affordable, due to our small, boutique company size.

ALL CLASSES ARE OPEN except those we remove from the website; if you can sign up for it below, that means you can be in it! If you have questions about making up missed classes or anything else, see our FAQ page.

If you'd like to wait-list for a full class that appears on the schedule but not below, please register for another class, and mention which class you'd like to wait-list for in the "Notes" section of your registration.

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Classroom Full Course for SAT or ACT (Discount) - $475
Classroom Crash Course for SAT and ACT (Discount) - $175
College Essay Class (Discount) - $575
SAT or ACT Blitz Course (Discount) - $275

*SAT/ACT Prep Class sign-ups DO NOT include registration for the actual SAT/ACT. You must also visit the SAT or ACT websites to register for the test. See sign-up deadlines here, or on the Tests' respective websites.

Charges will show up on your credit card statement as "Jury Academics."