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Here you're find info about and LINKS to the SAT and ACT websites, as well as some other college prep resources!

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Counselling Resources
PJ Test Prep and our clients have had the honor of getting to know a few other experts in the college prep world, and recommend the following for your Admissions Advising, College Financing, and Mentoring needs!

Trevor Ramos is a popular college and financial advisor who guides students on finding their ideal college, creates strategies for families to get maximum grants and scholarships, and drafts sound financial plan so parents can send multiple kids through college without using retirement money.

Arlette Bolduc at Grays Hall Counseling provides college planning services from career assessments and recommending high school curriculum and activities to selecting "right fit" colleges for the student's list (right fit academically, socially and financially).

Scores of our students and our families have worked with Katherine Folkman at Collegewise, who helps college-bound students find their perfect match schools and, sometimes more importantly, pay for them!

Nick Soper of Creative College Prep is a Northwestern grad (like our founder!) who provides college prep for the "creative & arts-minded"... and students who "do-lots-of-things-but-don't-know-what-they-want-in-life". Having gone through UCLA Extension's College Counselling program, Nick specializes in helping wandering creative minds find their college paths.

Ron Rotenberg of Complete College Consulting provides one-stop "Guidance to Admission" for students and families needing expert advice on establishing effective student positioning strategies - and family financial positioning strategies - to ensure the family's ability to pay the minimum necessary for their son or daughter to attend any college or university.

Sara Pritzkat at College Planz provides counseling to college-bound students that includes school search, applications and essays. Sara also advises high school students on class selection, extra curricular activities, and scheduling prior to the senior-year application season.

Former South Bay high school College Counsellor Gail Currey guides parents and students through the application labyrinth of and helps you find the best way through the maze!

Brooke Wolcott at Decoding Admissions, dissects the college application process, using years of admission data to help students find the schools they're the perfect match for (and helping them shape their stats to match even better), even ones they never thought they could have gotten into.

Jess Hopkins is a collegue, friend and Teen Life-Coach for students trying to figure out their paths. As a certified Teen Wisdom Inc. life coach, Jess mentors teen girls in Los Angeles in navigating the trials, tribulations and transitions of adolescence.

Kim Girard is a "tuition insurance plan" - she coaches students at many levels as a College Transition Coach, especially those beginning and finding their paths in college. A certified life coach, she helps parents and students alike feel at ease navigating the sometimes tricky untethered world of college, as students find themselves making that big leap out of the nest.

Scholarship Resources
Some bonus links to a few scholarship opportunities:

Student Financial Aid Search Engine: Find & Apply for Financial Aid to Pay for College

"No Essay" College Scholarship

UNCF Scholarships

"Scholarship America" Scholarships

Below are links for additional SAT and ACT Practice. NOTE: The 8 released SAT tests may have some overlap with Practice Tests we take in our courses.

All released SAT Practice Tests & Answers!

Most current official ACT Practice Test, all officially released ACT Tests, and practice in English, Math, Reading, and Science.

Additional ACT Practice, and Kahn Academy SAT Practice.