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What's new?
Besides our legendary ACT/SAT/PSAT and academic tutors, we also have tutors for LSAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, SSAT, and ISEE!

Meet some of them below!

TUTORING is by far the most flexible and effective way to raise SAT/ACT and other test scores, and grades in nearly all academic subjects there are. PJ Test Prep has been doing private tutoring for over ten years. In fact it's how we started.

Since we are based in South Bay/Westside Los Angeles, we currently service Great Los Angeles (Long Beach to the Valley to Downtown) in person, and serve everywhere else via online video tutoring. To inquire about rates or to get started, fill out the below, and our Tutor Coordinator Linda will be in touch!


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Clicking "submit" sends your information to our Tutor Coordinator Linda, who should be in touch within 24-36 hours! If you'd like to reach her directly, you can email her at Linda@PJTestPrep.com.


College & Credentials: USC; multi-subject teaching credential, near completion of a special education credential
Subjects of Expertise: (P)SAT/ACT/SAT 2, most high school subjects especially English and social studies, study skills
Favorite Subjects: SAT/ACT, English and Literature, History, Writing
Interesting Fact: Likes families' pets as much as or more than she likes the families

College & Awards: UCSB - Business Economics & Accounting
Subjects of Expertise: SAT, ACT, All maths and all Sciences
Favorite Subjects: AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, Physics/Astronomy
Interesting Fact: Great-great-great-great-great-great uncle was George Washington's personal physician, Benjamin Rush

College & Awards: Economics from Cal Poly Pomona
Subjects of Expertise: All Math, Stats & Econ, Physics and Bio, Writing
Favorite Subjects: All Math, Physics and Bio
Interesting Fact: Member of the US Airforce Reserves

College & Awards: the Johns Hopkins University (please don't say "John")
Subjects of Expertise: (P)SAT, ACT, most high school math and sciences, writing
Favorite Subjects: ACT, geometry and writing
Interesting Fact: Has seen every episode of the Simpsons (574 episodes at time of writing)

College & Awards: University of Virginia
Subjects of Expertise: SAT, ACT, English & Writing
Favorite Subjects: Test Prep
Interesting Fact: Taught his first PJ Test Prep class almost a decade ago.

College & Awards: Mathematical Sciences BS from University of California Santa Barbara
Subjects of Expertise: All Mathematics, Humanities
Favorite Subjects: Math!
Interesting Fact: Sometimes hosts a philosophy group

College & Awards: BA in Mathematics from Harvard; MAT in Math Education from Boston University School of Education
Subjects of Expertise: All levels of math, from middle school through college; ACT/SAT prep; English (Critical reading and writing)
Favorite Subjects: Any kind of math!
Interesting Fact: is a radio DJ and does a remote show for WLPN in Chicago

College & Awards: UCLA, BS Psychobiology, Cum Laude
Subjects of Expertise: Chemistry, Biology, Math, English
Favorite Subjects: Psychology, Biology, Writing
Interesting Fact: Likes listening to music from almost every genre and has seen over 50 artists live

College & Awards: BA in International Economics from American University; MS in Statistics from CSU Long Beach
Subjects of Expertise: Any and all levels of math
Favorite Subjects: AP Statistics
Interesting Fact: Is a big fan of mixed martial arts and is a published author

College & Awards: Hofstra University
Subjects of Expertise: (P)SAT/ACT/SAT 2, esp. the Verbal portions. English/Literature, basic Spanish, most high school math
Favorite Subjects: English & writing
Interesting Fact: A Redondo native, former college volleyball player and entrepreneur!

College & Awards: UCLA BS in Applied Mathematics, Specialization in Computing
Subjects of Expertise: All math from middle school through college; ACT and SAT
Favorite Subjects: AP Calculus AB; Algebra 2
Interesting Fact: Ty is his full name - it's not short for anything; he has a tattoo of Euler's Identity (he is really committed to math!)

OUR BILLING/TESTING/MATERIALS COORDINATOR, Lisa oversees the behind-the-scenes but critical components of our company like supervising test materials, billing, and score improvements.
Favorite Part of My Job: When I grade practice tests and see an increase in kids' scores throughout the course of a class.
Interesting Fact: I could eat watermelon every single day and not get tired of it!

OUR TUTOR COORDINATOR, Linda works with families to match with their perfect tutor math and makes sure the tutoring process is going as happily as possible!
Favorite Part of My Job: Connecting each student with just the right tutor
Interesting Fact: I live in Minnesota--all year round--and love it.

OUR DIRECTOR, Paul (Northwestern), also occasionally tutors when he's not teaching, and specializes in SAT, ACT, SAT 2 Math and Lit, College Essay Writing, and graduate exams like GRE, LSAT and GMAT. Email him directly regarding rates and availability.


We offer professional tutoring help in:

If you or your student is struggling in anything from A.P. Calc to Basic Arithmetic, A.P. Chemistry to Physical Sciences, College Coursework to Basic Study Skills, we can help! Even an hour a week can make a huge difference in helping a student overcome weaknesses he or she can't surmount in class, quickly raise grades, and feel less fearful and more confident toward often-tricky school subjects.

- Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc.
- Math: Grade school math, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Trig, Pre-Calc and Calculus
- English/Writing
- Organization & Study Skills

Standardized Test tutoring sessions are 90-120 minutes, with Full Course programs generally consisting of 5-10 sessions (depending on the test), and Crash Course programs consisting of as few as 2-4 sessions. PJ Test Prep has highly-trained tutors and years of experience helping kids blast off their test scores on the

- SAT 2 Subject Tests
- A.P. Exams
- Etc.

Not near Los Angeles? We can still help via our high-quality (and even lower-priced!) online tutoring, via Skype or other video chat platforms. It's almost like being in the same room. Contact Linda for more information.