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Paul Jury
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Linda Townley
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Coronavirus Info
Currently the April, May and June ACT and SAT test dates – as well as school finals and AP Exams – are all on track to continue as normal (though of course we’ll be tracking any and all updates). So are our classes and tutoring programs! And while we all hope COVID-19’s impact on Los Angeles will be minimal, we’re striving to keep things as safe as possible by encouraging our tutors, teachers and families to stay clean, keep safe distances, and generally following this guide.

We are also blessed to live in a technological world where remote tutoring and teaching is easy, and for any families or tutors who wish it, we can offer video chat tutoring and remote, streamed class attendance at no additional charge. Just let us know – CLASS STUDENTS should contact Paul (paul@pjtestprep.com or 310 529-7285) and TUTORING STUDENTS should contact Linda (linda@pjtestprep.com) or 612 315-6015) with any concerns or requests.

Thank you for your help in navigating this unusual time, and we hope to continue helping your student toward their college goals and dreams with minimal issues along the way!

Paul Jury – Director, PJ Test Prep
Linda Townley – Tutor Coordinator, PJ Test Prep